Electrical Design & Schematics  

Right from the first concept, the design stage is key to every project. We take your needs, wants and design the electrical system required whilst adhering to all safety rules and regulations such as IEE standards. Safety is the first priority in our specifications and we work with you in every step to make sure the system is practical, efficient and relevant.

We provide a wide variety of documentation to give clarity to you, these documents can be tailored per project and recommendations can be provided. The more information and understanding we have through technical documentation makes managing the project a lot smoother. Below is a list of just some of the documentation we can provide;

  • Functional Design Specification (FDS) 

  • Process and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) 

  • Plant Layout Diagrams

  • Electrical Schematics 

  • Factory and site acceptance tests (FAT,SAT)


We work with you to find the most suitable solutions to your projects and we strive in customer service going that extra stretch to ensure that clarity is there for each project. We will even draw up 3D concepts to help you visualise your projects.

Concept Drawing.png